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00:00 - Welcome and Opening Remarks

Jan-Philipp Beck (CEO, EIT Health) introduces the third instalment in the summit series - New Business Models: Meet Consumer Demands and Remain Competitive.

04:54 - New Business Models: Meet Consumer Demands and Remain Competitive

In this keynote session, healthcare leaders present exciting new business models and approaches, and debate how health can keep up with the rapid pace of change. First, Kurt Höller (Director of Business Creation, EIT Health) and Ariel Stern (Harvard Business School) look at the current landscape and discuss new business models across the EU and US with case study examples. Next, Gottfried Ludewig (German Federal Ministry of Health) and Kristina Lagerstedt (1928 Diagnostics) look at digitalisation and innovation from an EU perspective. Finally, all four panel speakers convene to discuss and debate innovation and hindrance.

Meet the Innovators Session Recordings


ArtiQ have developed AI-based software to help doctors save time and improve accuracy when interpreting lung function. Formed in early 2019, they are affiliated with the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Health Integrator

This health platform gives the individual the opportunity to choose health services and activities based on their unique needs and conditions, providing good opportunities to succeed with sustainable changes in lifestyle.

Ochre Bio

Ochre Bio develop genomic medicines to rejuvenate donors' livers before transplant, shutting down the over-active genes driving disease and going directly to testing therapies in discarded donor livers kept alive outside of the body.


Smart4Diagnostics close the pre-analytical data gap between blood collection and lab analysis to enable a new quality standard for diagnostic decision making.


Turbine.ai’s proprietary platform leverages the world’s most advanced digital cell model, combined with cell behaviour simulation technology and molecular biology, to understand complex tumour mechanisms and design drugs against them

Speaker Preview Videos

Kristina Lagerstedt

In this teaser video, Kristina Lagerstedt (1928 Diagnostics) explains why she switched roles and outlines what she hopes EIT Health Summit Series attendees will take-away from the New Business Models session.

Ariel Stern

Ariel Stern (Harvard Business School) discusses how her New Business Models session (1 December) will demonstrate how to meet consumer demands and remain competitive.